Nexus Ultimate

Nexus Ultimate 20.10

Add a stylish dock to your Windows OS and launch apps with one click

Useful as it is, the Windows task bar is far from being as visually enticing as the dock used by its main competitor. Nexus Ultimate has managed to provide Windows users with a similar and equally attractive dock that will not only help you to launch your favorite apps and programs with just one click, but will also add an attractive add-on to the otherwise boringly static Windows desktop.

This Ultimate version of Nexus does not add much in terms of appearance to the existing free version of the program, but it is huge step ahead when it comes to functionality. We can summarize it by saying that Nexus Ultimate supports multiple docks. This means that you can create parallel docks, sub-docks, and shelves, where you can store as many apps as you need and categorize them by theme, developer, etc. You can even add virtual system folders to your shelves, such as My Computer, Control Panel, etc.

There are also some extra tools available only for Ultimate users that you may also find attractive. Thus, you can add clock alarms and reminders for special events or scheduled tasks. You can also include additional widgets or modules, such as the calendar, a battery monitor, etc. The program can also display the contents of your disk or virtual system folders below your icons, and hide certain desktop icons and move them to a new Desktop tab in one of your shelves to “clean up” your packed-up desktop.

As mentioned, in terms of look and feel, there are no big differences between this and the free version of Nexus. The presentation of the dock itself as well as the icons is truly amazing. You can add effects to them to make them even more eye-catching and more dynamic. You can customize your dock(s) in many ways, from the icons size to their reflection, from its position on the screen to the number of modules, and from the animated effects you may want to add to them to the option to auto-hide the dock when not in use.

Nexus Ultimate will not only enhance your Windows desktop by making it more attractive and dynamic, it will also improve your productivity by allowing you to have your more frequently used apps, programs, system folders always at hand.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Define which items go to your Windows dock
  • Customize the appearance of your icons with themes and effects
  • Auto-hide your dock when not in use


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