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What's new

v19.2 [Mar 2, 2019]
- Updated Portuguese language file.
- Updated Simplified Chinese language file.
- Under Windows 10 with Dark Mode enabled for the UI, the color of the section category text in Preferences is always kept bright even if the currently selected Windows accent color is darker.
- Current multi-monitor configuration/profile is now saved on exit.
- Folder items set to open as menus can now be double clicked to open in an Explorer window instead.
- All the weather feeds now support HTTPS connections.
- Added new 'Light Mode' to the User Interface to match the new Windows 10 Light mode.
- When adding an URL item a default replacement icon is now used if the system does not have a usable class icon defined for HTML documents.
- By default screen edge bump activations are limited to the width of the dock to help prevent accidental activations. Added new 'Activate along entire screen edge' option to the Edge Bump Settings dialog to disable this behavior.
- Updated Windows 10 style User Interface icons.
- Added new 'Say the Time' option to the action taken when clicking on the clock module.
- The 'Winstep Multi Media Player' helper application (WsMMPlay.exe) is now also shutdown when the application exits, just in case it needs to be updated or removed.
- Sticky Notes UWP app in Windows 10 is now handled properly in the list of running applications and when pinning it to the dock.

v18.8 [Aug 27, 2018]
- New Arabic language file.
- Updated the Hungarian language file.
- Updated Portuguese language file.
- The balloon tooltip of the 'Check for Updates' internal command now displays the last check for updates date as 'yesterday at' or 'today at' instead of the full date if the last check for updates occured less than 48 hours ago.
- The 'Task Manager' internal command now also appears in the 'System' category.
- Added support for multiple Shelves. Just like docks, each Shelf can have its own theme and settings.
- Added true high DPI support to Shelves. Previously only font sizes and icon sizes were affected, now the whole Shelf properly scales up on high-DPI systems.
- Added ability to scale Shelves up to 200% via a slider in the Appearence tab of the Shelf Properties dialog.
- Added new 'Scale' sub-menu to the 'Appearance and Sounds' sub-menu of the Shelf's main context menu.
- Number of icon rows shown at once on a Shelf is not collapsed can now go up to 99. The Shelf will only display as many icon rows as will fit on the screen.
- Updated the 'Send to WorkShelf' dialog so it can now handle multiple shelves.
- You can now disable voices independently of sounds and vice-versa.
- Added new 'Lock/Unlock Shelf Theme' option to the 'Appearance and Sounds' sub-menu of the Shelf's main context menu.
- Added support for vertical Shelves and options to dock them on left and right screen edges.
- Added 'Create New Shelf' and 'Duplicate Shelf' options to the 'Dock and Shelf Management' sub-menu of the Shelf's main context menu.
- 'Make Shelf tab from Dock' now prompts the user for a Shelf the new tab should be added to if there is more than one Shelf.
- 'In-Shelf Docks' were renamed to 'Sub-Docks'.
- Added new 'Tone' colorization method to colorize black and white (monochrome) background bitmaps.
- Added new 'Colorize with Windows Accent Color' option (Windows 10 only).
- Added new 'Now Playing' right click context menu option to the Media Player internal command, allowing a song in the currently selected playlist to be selected and immediately played.
- Added 'Repeat every days/months/years' setting to the alarms.
- Added new 'Drawers' object, a sort of single tabbed Shelf which will automatically extend by default to show all its items when open.
- Added 'Create New Drawer' option to the 'Dock and Shelf Management' right-click context menu and to the 'Dock & Shelves' tab in Preferences.
- Resizing a Shelf or Drawer by pulling on the tab header is now performed with a smooth animation.
- Colorization settings in the MOdules tab of Preferences for Desktop modules that are not skinned by the current theme (i.e.; display the iconic form) are now disabled.
- Hovering over a Shelf tab with a truncated name due to lack of space now pops up a tooltip with the full title of the tab.
- Added 'Check Integrity of Dock and Shelves' button to the Troubleshooting Options dialog in the Advanced tab of Preferences. This option checks the internal data structures for errors and offers to fix them automatically if it finds any.
- Adjusted the position of dock icon labels for docks not using the magnify effect so the label does not 'sit on the edge' of the dock background bitmap.
- It's now possible to pass arguments to UWP Apps by defining the argument in the Item Properties dialog
- The 'Task Manager' internal command was not working on Windows 10.
- Canceling a theme change in Preferences after applying it was not restoring the proper theme for docks with individual themes.
- A correct minimum Shelf width is now properly enforced when resizing the Shelf.
- Removing an item from the Shelf with auto-hide enabled resulted in the Shelf collapsing while the delete animation was still playing and then popping up as if expanded (but without being truly expanded).
- On certain themes smooth scrolling the Shelf would not display correctly if the Shelf was docked to the top or inverted when docked to the bottom.
- On certain legacy themes (OpenSTEP, for instance) the left and right mini-tab symbols were not displayed if the Shelf was docked to the top of the screen.
- Fixed issues related to being able to horizontally resize the Shelf beyond the minimum Shelf width.
- A dock set to auto-hide for maximized applications when always on top could fail to activate when the maximized application was no longer maximized if the dock was also set to display running applications.
- Fixed many misc.issues related to Shelves.

v17.1 [Jan 31, 2017]
- New Moon Phases module.
- New pop-up Calendar.
- Integration of the new Calendar module with the clock module.
- More Alarm Manager options plus integration with the new Calendar pop-up.
- Shelf smooth scrolling.
- Parent dock magnification and independent sub-dock settings.
- Added protection against problematic 3rd party MP3 codecs and audio filters.
- Improvements to the update process.

v15.7 [Aug 8, 2015]
Full Windows 10 support.
- Improved the experience of running Winstep Xtreme for the first time.
- New 'Task View' internal command to invoke the Windows Virtual Desktop Manager (Windows 10 only)
- Users can now quickly go back to their previous Windows wallpaper after switching themes via the new 'Restore Wallpaper' internal command.
- Improved the way Xtreme behaves when the user presses 'Show Desktop'.
- Always on Bottom docks are no longer allowed to come forward on mouseover even if 'pop up dock on mouseover' is enabled.
- Live preview thumbnails of running applications can now range from 64 to 512 pixels.
- New context menus make it easier to add new items to the Quick Launch section of the NextSTART taskbar.
- The Theme Browser now displays the name of the theme author, where available.
- Fixed problem in the Update Manager that could cause downloads to fail randomly with a 'File may be corrupt' error.
- Various other misc. improvements and bug fixes...

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